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Man About Danville

Man About Danville

With Logan H. Germann

A Podcast for Danville, Kentucky

Conversations with friends

Apr 26, 2024

Dr. John Wilson, long-time professor of mathematics at Centre College, is my guest this week. We talk about his decades-long career and life here in Danville, plus the changes he has in store. Then we talk about his book “Squarely up to You,” a collection of mathematic and logic puzzles available from Amazon and his...

Apr 19, 2024

Kapow! Blam-oooo! Thwackkkk! It’s another first for the City of Firsts…Danville’s first ever ComicCon. Get all the inside scoop with Scott Ratliff the organizer of the event to be held at The Showroom on May 4th. Games, contests, costumes, celebrities….this event is sure to have something for everybody. Stay...